Treat Yourself to One Free Audio Book (Life of Pi, Killing Lincoln, Breaking Dawn & Many More)

You have probably been treating LOTS of other folks to things lately….here is a fun freebie you can treat yourself to!

I actually signed up for my One FREE eBook last month and I am so glad I did!

I can’t tell you how much I have been enjoying my FREE Audiobook from

I can listen right on my phone…which is so convenient.

(I often “pretend” to watch cartoons, but I have my headphones on listening to my book. It is also great when I am cleaning, waiting in the car…)

Though you don’t have to listen on your phone…you can listen on your computer, iPod, or even burn a CD if you wanted to listen in your car!

The one FREE Audio book offer is still available. They have some great titles you can get for free including:

Life of Pi (I have read this- great book)

Perk of Being a Wallflower

Killing Lincoln (This is next of my list)

Breaking Dawn (read it- love the Twilight Saga)

+ many, many, many more…

Now…this is a FREE 30 Day Trial. Which means you can try this service for FREE during the trial period. If you do not cancel before your Free Trial is up, you will be charged the membership fee for the next month. I is easy to cancel….I decided not to…but it is hassle free if you decide this is not for you. Remember you can cancel any time. Those full details are on the site.

So here is what I recommend…. Go grab your planner, calendar or phone right now. If you sign up today, count 27-28 days out (a couple days short of the 30 days in case something comes up) and write down this” DECIDE if you want to cancel or keep the membership”. You could also set a reminder on your phone

ALSO: You will need to sign up via your laptop or desktop (not a mobile device)

You can check it out here

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