Recipe: Fancy Water

So several months back I cut out sodas…well mostly…I still have one now and again…but I did have about 4-5 can a day habit.

This is how I did it. I call it Fancy Water. So many of my friends and family have asked me for the recipe….I thought some of you may be interested too…plus, if you are entertaining this Holiday Season…I think it may be a nice beverage option. It looks really pretty in a nice pitcher.


Cucumber (peeled & sliced)
Mint Leaves
Fresh Lemon Juice

You can add or subtract any ingredients of course…as far as the ratios…you will want to do it to taste….but I will tell you how I like my “fancy water”

I use 2 gallons of water, 1-2 lemons, 15-20 mint leaves, and 1/2-1 cucumber.

I like to let the water sit in the refrigerator over night so all the flavors can mesh.

I also like to use a pitcher that “filters” out the leaves & cucumbers….a pitcher with a pour spout or infusion pitcher.  I personally don’t like the cucumbers and mint leaves in my glass.

I think it taste great and I am NOT a water person.


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    • says

      Thanks Kristen! It was very hard. But I am so glad I was able to do it…unfortunately it didn’t help my coffee habit. 🙂

      Happy Holidays! -Jessica

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