Ocean Week: Make a Jellyfish in a Bottle (Day 5)

Day Five

OK…so today is another Jellyfish project…but Jellyfish are pretty cool. Today we are doing a Jellyfish in a Bottle…I actually had my husband make the Jellyfish on this one…

We tried using small (16 oz bottles) at first… but those turned out to be too small to get adequate jellyfish movement…we opted for 2- liter bottles…those are a little too heavy once you fill them up with water for the kids to manipulate by themselves….finally we settled on the 1-liter bottles…just right. 🙂

What you will need:

Clear Plastic Bag

Plastic Bottle

Thread or Fishing Line

Food Coloring

You can get the step by step instructions over here

Once you have your Jellyfish inside his new home you will just turn the bottle to make him swim bottom to top…it is pretty neat for a plastic bag, a plastic bottle and a little of colored water. Just make sure your lid is on tight if you don’t want a mess!

You can find out some Jellyfish Facts here

As always an adult should preform any required cutting and crafts should be age appropriate.

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